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Mark Rebennack, 165 Exhales in White (on Ocean Blue), 2017

165 Exhales in White (on Ocean Blue)
Mark Rebennack
20.5 x 20.5 inches
Ink on paper

Mark J. Rebennack was born in the Heart of the Midwest: Cincinnati, Ohio. After receiving his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati's School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, Mark made his way out West. With a degree in drawing and painting, Mark had hopes to pursue a creative career in the film and television industry. After several years of working for various entertainment companies, Mark found himself unfulfilled and unchallenged. Upon the suggestion from a friend, Mark began working in public education. Mark received his Master's of Science in Special Education from CSULB and has been teaching Visual Arts to students with significant developmental disabilities for over 13 years. Mark currently lives in Long Beach, California with his wife and three children, where he continues to draw and paint as much as his busy schedule allows.