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Jenny Brown, Ocean’s Zodiac, 2016

  • oceanszodiac
Ocean's Zodiac
Jenny Brown
8.5 x 11 inches
Pen and collage on paper

Jenny Brown is visual artist living and working in Providence, Rhode Island, whose primary mediums are drawing, collage, and works on found paper. Her work brings to life a mythical world of sea creatures and forests, realized through her love of paper ephemera. Her recent collage works focus on a dream of representing harmony amongst different elements of the natural world (from flora, to fauna, to the celestial, to the oceanic). An abundance of florals in the work represent the hearts and souls of these fantastic creatures...branches and tentacles represent their yearning to be connected...corals and sea plants reconnect these creatures to the most basic elements of life which created them...water and mineral.

Jenny studied art at Bennington College and received her MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York. She recently showed her work with Studio Lore in Providence, RI, as part of “Jealously Curated” at Voltage Coffee & Art in Cambridge, MA, and with the Anonymous Drawings collective in Berlin, Germany. She was a featured artist in the October 2015 international issue of Fresh Paint Magazine, as well as part of the recently released “Craft Companion,” published by Thames & Hudson Australia.
Price: $275