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Christy Billock, Equanimity, 2015

  • Equanimity2015
Christy Billock
9.5 x 19 x 1 inches
“I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” –Augusten Burroughs, from the book Magical Thinking: True Stories.

Sculpted and metal stitched found wood on reclaimed wood

When I became a mother over a decade ago, I experienced an overwhelming sense of vulnerability as if my heart beat on the outside of my body. While the focus on nurturing and getting to know a new life brought a deep sense of rootedness and love, so came an eclipsing of personal passions, energy, and a carefully constructed identity. The humbling work of being a mother, the simultaneous provision of guidance, letting go, and fear of screwing it all up, long ago shattered my façade of having it all together. Now this place and time in life has taken on a dichotomous quality: laughter, awe, connection, and a deep abiding love for my family, but also introspection and a sense of liminality about the layered transitions and where I am in the midst of the beautiful chaos.

These pieces grew from my reflections on the meandering path of motherhood paired with an ongoing construction of self. Words from poetry and others’ personal experience inspire the works and the varied media include a combination of found, reclaimed, and new materials.
Price: $450