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Good Eye Open to Benefit AWBW

A Window Between Worlds
Melinda Fay’s background as a Therapist brought her intimately into contact with children impacted by domestic violence and parents struggling to keep their families intact.

Through her work as an Art Therapist, she witnessed the power of non-verbal
communication and saw how creative expression gave voice to those previously silenced by fear.

Donations made through the sale of artwork at Good Eye Open will support AWBW Children’s Program, which provides weekly art workshops to children and teens in domestic violence shelters, transitional housing, and outreach centers.

A Window Between Worlds is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence. Through creative expression battered women and children gain a sense of renewal and power. Their images of hope, survival and strength educate the public and become “a window between worlds” for survivors taking steps to change their lives. Since 1991 AWBW has provided creative expression as a healing tool for over 112,000 battered women and their children in crisis shelters, transitional homes, and outreach centers throughout the United States.