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Give good he’ART’

Love does strange things. I’m not a naturally crafty person but some of my finest attempts have gone down as the puffy red heart of February looms.

In 4th grade I remember writing the name of my then boy-crush extra neatly and placing it on top of the stack of paper hearts on my kitchen table.

A decade later, I gathered around a similar table with girlfriends wielding scissors and drinking cocktails while making R rated Valentines.  Both occasions brought out the best creative person in me. At 10 I held that pencil with the same unbridled passion I did those scissors and let the love flow.

The last time I made something with that kind of fervor was Feb 1997. I revisited its dusty veneer the other day. A little diorama inside a tin cake pan with candy hearts disintegrating along its edge. Against a gold backdrop stands a one armed girl offering a pot of flowers. Tacked loosely and setting her stage are red and pink curtains.

Just these few words
    from me.
Wherever thou may’st be,


In the entryway to my home hangs a collection of portraits.  Flanked by a series of photo booth strips is a block printed nudie of me by Jill Kleinhans It features a younger me with short dark hair leaning casually with a cup of coffee. This is the way I looked when Mark first met me.


Above our family room couch a 4ft rattlesnake drawn in charcoal stands guard on a vintage map by Lynn Hanson. Our street sits just above the artist’s signature. 2013 was the year of the black snake. It’s also the Chinese sign Mark was born under.


This year’s commissioned creation is by Canadian artist Danielle Krysa.  Not only does she blog daily about art she loves, she also creates art for other people to love. And who wouldn’t love a “couple” of vintage cars?  Especially when they are a 1969 Malibu (Marks most beloved car) parked alongside a 1969 Camaro (my ultimate dreamcar)  perfectly rendered in a wash of greens and pinks. A big rainbow embroidered V joins us in muscle car matrimony. With personalized plates M+M 69 it’s like our very own Inspiration point.


Early on in our courtship I asked Mark how I made him feel. His response was classic and made my engine rev…

“Like stealing a car”.

Vroom vroom

Give good heart on valentines day