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From Rags to Riches

OldChairOne day on my way to pick up my son from preschool I passed the most amazing chair by the side of the road. Late to get him I debated whether to stop. Being the renegade huntress I am I pulled over and wrangled it’s bulky beauty into the back of my minivan. Examining it’s strong bones I knew all it needed was a little nip/tuck before it was restored to it’s glamourous Hollywood youth.

Once I found the perfect blue hue of cotton velvet I began envisioning it in a starlet’s home. Her enjoying her favorite blend of tea reading over a script or book she would later option.

I fantasized about an art project where the furniture I found in front of people’s houses would be returned to them magically repaired and reupholstered. (Wait maybe this is a reality show pitch)

A note would be left
Dear Owner,
you threw out this chair
before it was ready to go. It misses you.
Please enjoy more years of relaxing in it
Love, the furniture fairy

Jessica Alba is the starlet who ended up with this chair. In her interview she says

“Vintage is important to me because I’m fascinated by the stories that vintage pieces tell. I love the patina of the past—it reminds me of the history and life that objects have. I also believe in the craftsmanship of vintage. People really put in the time, energy and materials to make beautiful things. It feels so romantic to know there are real human stories attached to this little piece of history in my home,” Jessica enthused.

And there it is. The real human story.