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The Concept of Curativity

People ask me what I do. I always find that hard to put into words.

I’ve always loved people and their stories. Like my father I will roll down the window and ask anyone anywhere for directions. With GPS and bluetooth devices I rarely find a need to do that. But I still have a strong need to connect with people.

For years I worked in mental health helping people make sense of their stories and reauthor their lives. Art therapy allowed them to do that visually in a less defended way. I saw the curative powers of expression transform lives and witnessed healing take place.

We all have our personal studios. Some in the garden. Others at the stove. When my 5 year old is raging he finds solace in writing mean words about me in his secret language.

Art and creativity help me make sense of the world. As a kid it was a way to escape the chaos of my home life and carve a space of my own with three older brothers.

When everyone else was making ashtrays in art class I amassed a mountain of bodies climbing on each other and painted it black. At home I staged my stuffed animals with household products and took pictures of them with my Brownie camera. When I was 13 and in love with Jim Morrison I expressed my rebellion on the back of my bedroom door. In red spray paint I wrote JIM MORRISON LIVES ON. THE DOORS RULE!!!

As an adult my creative life took shape in decorating my home and helping others find their creative voice when they were sure they didn’t have one.

I am still setting things up and taking pictures of them. Instead of stuffed animals and cans of bug spray immortalized on film, I curate art objects and d├ęcor at Good Eye Gallery and document the process with my Iphone.

Curativity is the word I came up with to describe what I do. I curate creativity because creativity cures.