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Opening Reception Saturday, June 25, 4-8p

Colorful embroidery floss beautifies the yard of a condemned house. It replaces paint as a material to intricately render a home, and enhances architectural lines to create spatial relationships. For the artists in “Common Threads”, Good Eye Gallery’s group exhibition featuring Stephanie Kelly Clark, Hagar Vardimon, Danielle Krysa, and Sheila Garrett Rodriguez, the act of embroidery represents a shared love of skilled craft, tradition, architecture and domesticity.

Stephanie Kelly Clark considers herself a painter who paints with thread. The embroidery floss is her palette and the needle is her paintbrush. The density, texture and pattern of string create visually stimulating yet simple works of art. Her work is an ode to her love of craft and tapestry.

Amsterdam based artist Hagar Vardimon’s colorful embroidery overlaps images of houses floating in negative space. The monochromatic prisms of thread act as a light source to brighten her compositions, and as a vessel for the iconic houseplant that recurs in her work.

Danielle Krysa, the mastermind behind the contemporary art site, “The Jealous Curator” and published author of Creative Block and Collage (Chronicle books, 2014), began her fine art career as a painter, but has found a more permanent place for herself in collage & mixed media. A graphic designer by day, Danielle is drawn to strong, simple compositions and the constant play with hard and soft materials.

Sheila Garrett Rodriguez, a Los Angeles native, believes a deeper relationship with a place is necessary in order to build character. Ideas of home and dislocation have always been compelling to her, and she is fascinated by the architectural impact on the human psyche. She combines her Chicana cultural identity with her art practice that focuses on the refinement of embroidery as a domestic skill.

Good Eye Gallery is open Thursday-Saturday 12-5p or by appointment.

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