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Little boy blue

Ever fantasize about picking up a hobby (like that time you went to hot yoga ) only to discover 22 minutes later that your fantasy life should remain just that? well our kids have those fantasies too. some are fleeting. others persist for days, weeks even years on end until a mother just caves. this morning i left to vote for my local eagle rock council and received this text message 22 minutes later.

uh oh.

When i got home I found my 6 year old in tears and covered in blue spray paint. “Dad says my spray painting days are over” he wailed. “I was just having fun” A quick survey of the land revealed just that. While his dad stood nearby (armed similarly with a hose in hand) Haskell went to town painting the landscape.

sometimes our experiments in creativity don’t go the way we envision them. When it happens to our kids its heartbreaking to watch unfold. I think the emoji i found on the back step says it all. a once cheerful plush yellow smile covered in blue…

blue emoji