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On Motherhood and Creativity

I’ve decided to show some of my photographs in the upcoming Ode to the Motherlode show. Personal portraits I made of my sons as part of an ongoing series examining their identity formation and my relationship to that process. Writing my artist statement was hard. This is what I came up with.

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Ode to the Motherlode

When we become mothers we create life. But what happens to ours? This is the question posed to a group of artist mothers at various points in their career. As a new life takes shape our relationships and viewpoint shift. How is this reflected in what we choose to make or decide what deserves our limited free time. What remains and what falls away?

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Apartment Therapy in the House

When Apartment Therapy approached me about doing a house tour the first thought that ran through my mind was, “How can i possibly get this place cleaned up before the shoot?”

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Charish + Good Eye Gallery

stellarsteller_originalGood Eye Gallery has teamed up with Chairish to offer our collection online. We love the way the team at Chairish curates and presents our art, objects and decor. Good Eye Gallery’s rotating collection of art objects and decor available here

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From Rags to Riches

One day on my way to pick up my son from preschool I passed the most amazing chair by the side of the road. Late to get him I debated whether to stop. Being the renegade huntress I am I pulled over and wrangled it’s bulky beauty into the back of my minivan. Examining it’s strong bones I knew all it needed was a little nip/tuck before it was restored to it’s glamourous Hollywood youth.

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Good Times

Two weeks ago I was sitting with my friend Todd discussing marketing strategies to increase foot traffic at Good Eye Gallery … Read our Los Angeles Times article “Good Eye Gallery opens in Eagle Rock” here.

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